“Walk and Talk” Abandoned Mine Lands Tour with National Wildlife Federation

Check out our first Tiktok where we recap our “walk and talk” tour with the National Wildlife Federation.

The National Wildlife Federation recently published a report (https://www.nwf.org/Educational-Resources/Reports/2022/The-Climate-Benefits-of-Degraded-Lands-Reclamation-and-Restoration) on the climate benefits of reclaiming abandoned mine lands, orphaned oil and gas wells, Superfund sites, and brownfields. In connection with this report, we toured the Epsy Run Stream and Askam Borehole Treatment Center sites in
Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. We invited local media and used the event to highlight reclamation as a climate solution and the jobs/economic
potential of these investments – and place it in the context of all the federal reclamation money that’s starting to flow to states.