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Pennsylvania’s Opportunity to Become a Leader in Sustainable Manufacturing

By October 12, 2023October 16th, 2023No Comments

October 12, 2023

This past summer has been a reminder that climate change is here and is affecting us all right now. Record breaking heat, wildfires, droughts, floods, and storms; the societal toll of which we can’t yet describe. Financial damages on the other hand are easy to calculate and the number is rising with each passing disaster.

One year in, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has moved $76 Billion and has spurred private and public sector dollars investment in business and manufacturing solutions that will grow our economy and create good jobs as it reduces U.S. impact on our environment and increases the quality of life for many across the states. Historically, Pennsylvania has been able to build the infrastructure that has allowed America to thrive for so long. Pennsylvanians now have the opportunity to do it again.

The IRA allows for reinvestment in these manufacturing communities to catalyze them to do what they do best. It’s time for Pennsylvania to rise to the challenge once again, backed with federal support to create lasting change and resilience for us to create a thriving economy and reduce our impact on the environment. This time around it is imperative that the public and private sector join together to create and implement the plan supporting Pennsylvania business and manufacturing utilizing the funds that the IRA has to offer.

The Pennsylvania Sustainable Business Network (PASBN) is launching a manufacturing campaign to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable manufacturing, to encourage businesses to adopt more sustainable practices, and advance initiatives to provide support in Pennsylvania to make this shift. The PASBN is a coalition of businesses, organizations, and individuals working to promote sustainable business practices and policies in the state.

The campaign would have five goals:

  1. Establish what sustainable manufacturing means to Pennsylvania.
  2. Create a cohesive voice around sustainable manufacturing and climate technology across Pennsylvania.
  3. Establish policy positions that remove barriers for existing manufacturers and incentivize prospective new manufacturers to locate in Pennsylvania.
  4. Create a brand that showcases the competitive advantage of Pennsylvania as a sustainable manufacturing hub.
  5. Create a deal flow that allows for seamless implementation of federal funds from the Inflation Reduction Act.

This plan ensures that funds and efforts are targeted most effectively to see the greatest return for future generations in our region and that nobody gets left behind in the process. This plan would create new jobs, attract new businesses, reduce pollution and protect the environment, and would help to make Pennsylvania competitive in this transition.

One of our partner organizations supporting this plan, Eos Energy Enterprises, is already making an impact. Eos expansion in Turtle Creek will result in green collar jobs and careers. Eos is working with communities in the Mon Valley to ensure that the economic benefits will support and uplift the region through a series of Community Benefits Agreements. Eos and its customers will benefit from tax benefits in the IRA which will support their efforts to uplift the community and many others are following close behind. It is through this planning process and others like it that Pennsylvania can take a stand in this transition towards a just economy for our residents to thrive for generations to come.

Pennsylvania has a unique opportunity to become a leader in sustainable manufacturing. The state has a strong manufacturing sector, a history of innovation, and a commitment to environmental protection. The PASBN’s manufacturing campaign can help Pennsylvania seize this opportunity and create a more sustainable future for the state and its economy.

The PASBN is calling on businesses, organizations, and individuals to support the manufacturing campaign by joining town halls and contributing to the overall development of the plan on both policy and market adoption.

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