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Climate Smart Agriculture: Impacts from the Affordable Clean Energy Plan

By August 22, 2023August 25th, 2023No Comments

Wednesday, August 23rd from 6-7 p.m. EST

We joined the Climate Action PA (& partners) on Wednesday, August 23rd at 6pm EST to learn more about the 2023 Farm Bill, the reauthorization process, and why climate smart conservation programs are so vital to addressing the climate crisis.

The historic passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, or the Affordable Clean Energy Plan, is at the one year mark, and along with the extensive clean energy programs is a $20 billion Farm Bill. There is no shortage of threats to cutting various conservation and climate smart agricultural components within the Farm Bill, and it is essential that throughout the legislative process that these programs remain intact.

A robust and clean Farm Bill will have a significant impact on farming livelihood, how food is grown, and addressing long standing inequities in our food systems for farmers of color. This legislation covers programs ranging from crop insurance for farmers, to healthy food access for low-income families, supporting sustainable farming practices and more.

Guest speakers will included Marguerita C. Abe of the Climate Reality Project who will present on the agricultural components of the Farm Bill and the connection between fossil fuel emissions associated with our food. We heard from Nick Lodise, owner of Wyncote Farms, who is heavily invested in the community when it comes to addressing food deserts, organic farming practices, and is seeing first hand the climate crisis impacts on farming.