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Social Media 101 Training

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Wednesday, April 12th at noon

This event served as the primer to what is to come in our series of Communication Workshops. Please take our survey to let us know what types of workshops you want us to focus on in the future! For instance, we will only focus on one platform for each workshop to really get into the weeds! So if you felt overwhelmed with this past workshop, no worries, we will go over each platform in more detail.

We hope to have one communications workshop per month going forward- so stay tuned!

For those who may have missed, you can watch the recording of the workshop here.

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Questions asked during presentation:

  • Number of hashtags is appropriate for posting? – 2-3 hashtags for Instagram, 1 for Twitter (just based on our usage)
  • How many posts per week as a general rule? – no specific number, just make sure you have active accounts. At ReImagine, we try to tweet at least twice a day, post on our Instagram story every day and make an Instagram post twice a week. Post at least twice on LinkedIn.
  • If you do not have a devoted media person what are the best platforms for someone with limited time? – Depends on your audience! Tiktok and Instagram tend to be for younger audiences, Twitter for policy wonks, and Facebook for an older audience. But it can vary!
  • Tips for LinkedIn posts? -The copy, unlike for Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, can be a little more detailed and lengthy. This is obviously a more professional platform, so you can be wonky. Great for posting your organization’s blog–but make sure the author of the blog has a personal LinkedIn post. Google requires that all blog posts have an author. Google needs to verify you are a real person. Unless you are famous, the number one way Google does this is by checking against LinkedIn. 
  • Do you have any basic tips on growing your following? – Lots of ways to grow but we recommend tagging partners, replying to other organization’s posts, tagging regional influencers who will help amplify work. Consistent posting will slowly grow your following and a combination of light and fun posts with educational resources is a nice mix to keep people engaged. 
  • What’s an explainer post? -Could be a carousel Instagram post or a video that explains a concept or a new bill your organization is advocating for. Sample here.
  • Even with a Business Account on Instagram, the spam comments started again. Any idea how to get rid of them without manually deleting them? – No solution we know of as of yet- but we recommend blocking these accounts when you can.
  • And do you see a problem with investing in TikTok because of the pending legislation? – Good thing to remember is that TikToks can also be Instagram reels. So even if TikTok gets banned, the content could still be helpful for your Instagram Reels.
  • Best types of photos to use? – Folks have found images with faces do better. Tips on Images from a Pro Photographer: On your own photo, bump up brightness by 5, bump up saturation by 9, and bump up sharpness by 9.
  • Any websites that can give inspiration for content ideas when in a creative slump? – MetaHootsuite , and Canva have decent options. Environment by Impact and National Parks Services are fun and informative on Twitter and Instagram as well. Also recommend having a calendar with regional events/holidays. For instance, Transit Equity Day, etc.