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IRA Webinar featuring Guest Speaker Congresswoman Houlahan

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM ET

The Inflation Reduction Act passed nearly two years ago as the largest investment in climate action in history. This decisive victory for the planet has had immensely far reaching positive impacts on communities on issues ranging from environmental justice impacts, to bringing more electric vehicles on our roads, to increased renewable energy coming onto the grid at more affordable rates than ever before. Through the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund’s Solar for All Program, $7 billion in funding has been allotted through the Inflation Reduction Act for solar programs and benefits. This will mean over 900,000 households in low income and disadvantaged communities will be able to benefit from distributed solar energy across the nation. 

Pennsylvania is no exception, and through the passage of HB 2338 will be investing $156 million in solar energy programs through the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority. This key funding will increase Pennsylvania’s clean energy deployment through equitable distribution, workforce development, grant and loan programs for research and development projects, and overall environmental progress.

During this virtual event, we heard from special guest speaker Congresswoman Houlahan along with other panelists on how the funds from the Inflation Reduction Act are bringing a whole range of benefits to Pennsylvanians, including of course solar energy. We learned about how these funds will be implemented through the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority, what that will mean for solar projects around the state, as well as an in-depth look at how YOU can access tax credits to both save money and help protect our environment! 

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