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Appalachia and the World: Putting Appalachian Economic Revitalization in a Global Context

Thursday, April 4th at 10am EST

Swaniti Global Initiative (SGI) and ReImagine Appalachia held a webinar highlighting innovative projects that are helping Appalachian communities hard-hit by the downturn of the coal industry create new economic opportunities. We talked about these regional examples in the global context. How can lessons learned in Appalachia can be translated into other communities across the world facing similar pressures? Communities across the world face enormous challenges due to these global energy shifts – but we also have the opportunity to invest and plan to help build a bright sustainable future that benefits workers, communities, and the environment.

Facilitators included:

  • Natalia Rudiak, Director of Special Projects, ReImagine Appalachia
  • Joey James, Associate Director, Swaniti Global
  • Danny Flynn, Associate, Swaniti Global

Speakers included:

  • Sarah Lowry, Senior Director of Community Impact, Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley
  • Mayor Steve Patterson,  Athens, Ohio, Mayor, Mayor’s Partnership for Progress
  • Dr. Matthew Dalbey, Visiting Researcher, Resources for the Future and Senior Advisor for Sustainable Communities at the EPA 

Through research studies, surveys, and conversations with local leaders and key stakeholders leading energy transition and economic diversification efforts, Swaniti Global Initiative has been exploring these issues and highlighting specific, replicable approaches and best practices to overcome them and implement successful projects in South Asia, Indonesia, and elsewhere. 

This event is the first in a series hosted by Swaniti Global Initiative bringing together partners from nonprofit organizations, private sector companies, and federal, state, and local government agencies to exchange knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned from communities historically dependent coal and other fossil fuels who are experiencing major economic, community, and cultural shifts due to the global energy transition.

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Other Resources

  • A key element is pivoting from enforcement to abundance in thinking about approaches to social goals. Doing that with a bee ordinance at the moment.  Have much on this from 10 year municipal case study to academic work. [email protected]
  • ReImagine Appalachia has worked closely with our local elected officials to communicate our needs to the federal government. Our Appalachian local officials were integral to getting our priorities in the recent national climate infrastructure bills. You can read more here
  • Today, April 4th, is the 56th anniversary of the publication of Dr. King’s Showdown for Nonviolence, which was one of his strongest statements of a Job Guarantee and is a direct inspiration for Ayanna Pressley’s Job Guarantee Resolution. On this day, it might be fitting to hear reflections on how this, and its incipient form as the American Climate Corps could figure into strategic vision for community led community development.
  • The WV community development Hub hosts networking events as well as the Southern West Virginia Rural Partnership network helps connect to people working in the field and funders and their processes. RPN is through the USDA – for our international audience, the USDA is the US Department of Agriculture. Here’s the link to that program: