2024 Strategy Summit

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Tuesday, January 16th and Wednesday, January 17th, 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM ET each day

We hope you’ll join us for ReImagine Appalachia’s 2024 Virtual Strategy Summit!

Celebrating Our Victories; Visioning What’s Next to Build an Appalachia That’s Good for Our Workers, Communities and Climate.

This is our fourth annual virtual Strategy Summit. Last year, we had over 400 registrants attend the virtual event. We were honored to provide a space for a diverse set of regional stakeholders and partners to come together to talk about our shared vision and action plan for the region. 

This year, the conversation continues to focus around implementation efforts related to Congress’ passage of a monumental federal climate infrastructure package as well as telling the story of its success in bringing back hope to a region long left behind. 

  1. Day One of the summit, January 16, will focus discussions around how we work together to grow clean and efficient manufacturing in the region and turn shuttered coal plants into climate-friendly industrial parks. Our keynote panel will focus on the work we need to do, and what has already started, to turn the Ohio River Valley of Appalachia into a hub for sustainable manufacturing. The key note will be followed by breakout sessions allowing for a deeper dive into key topics raised during the keynote panel for further discussion. Our goal is to capture and transform these conversations into a foundation for a starter draft of a ReImagining manufacturing action plan for the region
  1. On Day Two, we will start the important work of telling a collective story of hope generated by the federal climate infrastructure package in the Ohio River Valley region of Appalachia, a region that for far too long has been exploited by absentee corporations in the extractive industries. We will hear from a wide variety of stakeholders about how these federal resources are inspiring and enabling work to reimagine their communities, build a bottom-up collective vision for a brighter future, grow the union movement and create new opportunities for low-wage workers, and reconnect residents currently disconnected from the workforce due to long-term structural barriers to employment. The keynote panel will be followed by breakout sessions where we gather in order to strategize together around the collective work we do in 2024 towards building a better future in the region, creating an action plan and  defining and communicating what success looks like when it comes to the federal climate infrastructure package.  

We’ll reveal the full slate of keynote speakers and breakout session topics in the coming weeks – for now, please mark your calendars and take our survey