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Community Benefits Virtual Summit

By May 23, 2023August 26th, 2023No Comments

Tuesday, May 23rd: 11am- 3pm EST & Thursday, May 25th: 11am – 2pm EST

We have a historic opportunity to bring new funding into Appalachia – but how do we ensure that new economic opportunities benefit our communities and have high labor standards for local workers? Now is the time to work together to ensure the people of Appalachia have a say in how our region rebuilds. 

This summit explored community benefits and labor standards and how they can help grow our vision for Appalachia. Community Benefit Agreements and Policies (CBAs and CBPs) are an important part of ensuring maximum benefits to communities from implementation of federal climate infrastructure funding. We know that widespread community input on sustainable development projects leads to buy-in and incorporation of community member priorities, ultimately increasing the positive impact of these public investments over the long haul. 

Missed the summit? Read our Debrief Blog with the notes and recordings.

This two-day, five-hour event moved participants from a basic Community Benefit Agreement 101 towards having concrete knowledge of how to participate in and guide community conversations that can provide the foundation for strong community and labor standards. We learned about successful case studies, discuss the importance of building trusting and collaborative relationships with a diverse group of community members and share strategies.

Now is the time to put our ingenuity to use and imagine a 21st century economy that works for the people in the Ohio River Valley of Appalachia, together we can build an economy that is good for working people, communities, our health and the health of our neighbors.