Calling for a federally-funded Appalachian Climate Infrastructure Program

“People who are going to get funding from the federal government are going to be the people with a plan… The true wealth lies in the land that supports us. When we restore the land and empower the people, we set the foundation for a long-lasting prosperity for all of our citizens... We can muster the political will to make the necessary changes in policy and practice to support a new economy for the 21st century.”

Hon. Patricia DeMarcoCouncilmember, Borough of Forest Hills, Pennsylvania

With Covid-19 and economy recovery plans being considered at the U.S. federal level, we need an Appalachia coalition at the table. This moment provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to fund an ambitious Appalachian Climate Infrastructure Program to bring us into the 21st Century and create a model economy that is good for workers, communities, environment, and health. 

ReImagine Appalachia has spent months working from the ground up to create a framework for the investment we need to thrive. We know our communities. We know what works. We know our economy should celebrate our culture and heritage, invest in communities, generate good, stable, and meaningful union jobs, be just and equitable while valuing the contributions of coal miners and other fossil fuel industry workers. 

Union leaders, racial justice advocates, environmental groups, faith-based constituencies and so many more are coming together to show our support for this new deal that works for us. We need all local elected officials working in tandem in this collective effort. This sample press release can easily be tailored to your community to spread the word about the good news of the plan and your support.

Download a Sample Press Release


If you are a municipal LEGISLATOR (e.g. councilperson, supervisor), can you help pass our sample resolution to officially endorse the Appalachian Climate Infrastructure Program?  You can view and download a copy of our sample resolution for local legislators here. Your legislative body can use our language to pass a resolution to show your support.

To join us, SIGN UP HERE at our special portal just for elected officials and someone from ReImagine will contact you with more information.


If you are a MAYOR or LOCAL EXECUTIVE (e.g. county executive, commissioner), can you sign on to our letter to officially endorse the Appalachian Climate Infrastructure Program? Here you can view a copy of our mayoral/executive letter.To join us, SIGN UP HERE at our special portal just for elected officials and someone from ReImagine will contact you with more information.


Are you a COMMUNITY MEMBER who would like to organize your elected officials to endorse our plan but don’t know where to start? Check out our grassroots outreach page just for you.  You can also SIGN UP HERE at our special portal just for community members, and ReImagine Appalachia will be in touch!


What are additional campaign resources or studies that show the importance of these investments?

What kind of press has this initiative received?

Check these articles and editorials of support. We’d love to include press from your community here!

Is there a press release that I can use?

Yes! This sample press release can easily be tailored to your community to spread the word about the good news of the plan and your support.

What is ReImagine Appalachia?

  • ReImagine Appalachia is a coalition endorsed by over 100 groups across the Appalachian region. In 2020, ReImagine Appalachia (RA) brought together advocates from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia to discuss how to insert their voices into the national climate change and economic stimulus debates of 2020. We developed a collective vision of a 21st century Appalachia and a blueprint for how to get us from where we are to where we need to go, while identifying the federal resources needed–in essence, a New Deal that Works for Us. Federal investments are essential to transforming Appalachia into a 21st century economy and to transforming the politics of the region.  Appalachia needs to be at the table of these national conversations, to ensure the region gets its fair share of any climate package. We deserve it. 

What other local governments have officially endorsed this plan?

  • Allegheny County Council, PA, led by Councilwoman Anita Prizio and sponsors Councilmen Macey, Walton, Palmosina and Futules
  • Mayor Gary Goosman, Amesville, OH
  • Mayor Steve Patterson, Athens, OH
  • Armstrong Township Council, Lycoming County, PA, led by Supervisor James Dunn
  • Beaver County Commission, Beaver County, PA, ed by Commissioner Tony Amadio
  • Mayor Emily Marburger, Bellevue, PA
  • Mayor Chardaè Jones, Braddock, PA
  • Braddock Borough Council, PA, led by Councilwoman Tina Doose
  • Controller Jason Moser, Centre County PA
  • Jury Commissioner Laura C. Shadle, Centre County, PA
  • Mayor Rich Lattanzi, Clairton, PA
  • Clairton City Council, led by Councilwoman Lee Lasich
  • Castle Shannon Borough Council, led by Council President Mark Heckmann
  • Mayor Nan Whaley, Dayton, Ohio
  • Mayor Jason Walsh, Dormont, PA
  • Dormont Borough Council, led by Councilwoman Kate Abel
  • Mayor Thomas Rengers, Etna, PA
  • Etna Borough Council, PA, led by Councilwoman Jessica Semler
  • Elizabeth Township, PA, Led by Township Commissioner Robert Rhoderick
  • Ferguson Township, PA
  • Mayor Frank Porco, Forest Hills, PA
  • Forest Hills Borough Council, led by Council Vice-President Patricia DeMarco
  • Mayor Arlene F. Wanatosky, Homer City, PA
  • Mayor Steve Williams, Huntington, WV
  • Millvale Borough Council, PA
  • Mayor Mathew Shorraw, Monessen, PA
  • Monessen City Council, PA, led by Council President Matthew Shorraw
  • Munhall, PA Borough Council
  • Oxford City Council, OH, led by Councilmember Chantel Raghu
  • Mayor William Peduto, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Pittsburgh City Council, PA, led by Councilwoman Erika Straussburger
  • Mayor Matthew Rudzki, Sharpsburg, PA
  • Sharpsburg Borough Council, PA, led by Councilwoman Brittany Reno
  • Mayor D. Anne Cavalier, Smithers, WV
  • Smithers City Council, WV
  • Mayor Kelley Kelley, Turtle Creek, PA
  • Mayor Marita Garrett, Wilkinsburg, PA
  • Wood County Commission, Wood County, WV
  • Mayor Jamel Tito Brown, Youngstown, OH

We need your community here! Fill out our local government official form and let us know of your success!