For the past century, Appalachia has powered the economic prosperity of this nation. Yet many Appalachian communities have been left behind, exploited by absentee corporations in extractive industries. We deserve an Appalachian Climate Infrastructure Plan that will build local wealth and create good union jobs in Appalachia. With federal investment in our region’s infrastructure, Congress now has the opportunity to put our region’s skills and resources to work building a 21st Century economy.

An estimated $23.6 billion federal investment, annually over 10 years, will be required to transform the region. These investments would create over half a million jobs in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Appalachia deserves nothing less.

Creating a New Deal that Works for Us

In addition to federal investment necessary to create a sustainable, prosperous Appalachian economy for the 21st Century, it’s also important that federal dollars are spent in a way that maximizes wealth for the communities in Appalachia and not corporations elsewhere. Working closely with dozens of labor and community allies, ReImagine Appalachia has developed principles for project spending to ensure that investments create equitable growth for the communities most in need. To ensure that federal infrastructure investments maximize their economic impact in the region, the Appalachian Climate Infrastructure Plan proposes a policy framework that:

The ReImagine Appalachia Blueprint creates a vision for a 21st Century sustainable Appalachia. The Appalachian Climate Infrastructure Plan shows lawmakers how to achieve that vision with investments in a clean economic future that puts workers first, respects our communities, takes care of the land, and grows local wealth. A better future is within reach, if we are willing to come together and demand it. We’re making sure the people of Appalachia have a say in how our region rebuilds. Join us in defining our future and calling for an Appalachian Climate Infrastructure Plan.

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